Review – Inhumans vs X-Men #6

Review – Inhumans vs X-Men #6

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule
  • Artist: Lenil Francis Yu
  • Colorist: David Curiel
  • Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu

Marvel’s Inhuman vs X-Men event has seemed to hit its climax, the war between mutants and inhumans hasn’t turned out for the better. Many of the inhuman’s died, all because of a lack of communication between the two groups.

Emma Frost’s grief gets the best of her, we see her transition into hate and anger which in turn cause’s her make decisions that in dangers the X-Men, she no longer cares about saving mutant kind, Emma wants revenge for Cyclops and is hell bend on killing Black Bolt, who she blames for Scotts death. But its revealed that Cyclops wasn’t killed by Black Bolt, he was killed in an accident way before the discovery of the Terrigen Mist.

Young Cyclops reveals that Emma had been lying to everyone for months about it, Storm confronts her about it and she doesn’t deny it, in fact she becomes more unstable. If not for Ahura and the Ennilux, the war would’ve gotten more out of hand.

The down fall of Emma is also the rise of Madusa, she really evolved as a leader in this crossover, with all that was going on Madusa never wavered when things looked grim for them. Medusa’s growth was one of few things that I found enjoyable in this crossover, as for the final battle between the two groups, I found it to be a little lack luster. There was no real lost amongst the two teams, granted Ahura did lose a ship full of Ennilux, but in actuality their deaths played no real significance overall.

For me Inhumans vs X-Men is an average crossover at best, the story reminds me too much of AvX’s, on top of that you never get a real present of danger in this crossover, even with Emma going full on crazy at the end. Marvel had something good with this event, but because it focuses more on action instead of the narrative this crossover is miss.

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