AMC’s Announcements from Comic-Con @ Home

AMC’s Announcements from Comic-Con @ Home

AMC unleashed some goodies from The Walking Dead this year, catch the breakdown below:

Fear the Walking Dead

  • Fear the Walking Dead is back for Season 6, it kicks off Sunday October 11th in the 9pm timeslot.
  • Lennie James is directing and Colman Domingo will return as a director as well during this season.
  • Catch the Season 6 Trailer here on YouTube

The Walking Dead

  • The Season 10 Finale airs Sunday October 4th at 9pm
  • Season 10 gets 6 extra episodes to follow the finale that will run in early 2021
  • Season 11 will not be able to air in the regular timeslot due to COVID this year.
  • Watch the extended trailer on YouTube

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

  • Premieres at 10pm on October 4th immediately following the S10 Finale of The Walking Dead. Talking Dead covering both episodes follows after.
  • View the extended trailer on YouTube

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