It's here! It really is! The latest videos from the Portal 2 E3 2010 demo are up and ready for viewing. Take a look at the dynamic world that Valve is developing, with live fluids and portals mixing it up the results are endless!!! I might be a little too hyped for the videos but I'm just happy to see another connection to the Half Life universe again. I'll save the spoilers for the videos, click below the jump for the final two sequences from the demo at the show this year.

While Yakuza 3 has just been released in the US, the development team has been working on the 4th iteration of the franchise. At E3 2010 they had the game on the floor showing off the latest combat. For those who played the Shenmue franchise or even Virtua Fighter, the motions and control should feel similar. Yakuza 4 brings a new package of stories, crossing between police and crime bosses from around the region. While it wasn't possible to play through the story itself, the combat was enough. As a king of the streets fights aren't easy, group battles are all over and it's up to the sword / barrel / nunchuk, spear wielding boss to settle it. Combat was simple and fast, quick button presses threw out kicks and punches with power moves to finish each enemy, some attacks able to strike down multiple enemies. For those wondering, the combat tree exists so any player can tailor their character to their tastes; close combat and weapons training are only the tip of the iceberg.